Sunday, 3 March 2013

Valentine's Day Origami Heart Shaped Box

I'm blogging for the first time so I like to start with my all time favorite "ORIGAMI". I found this Origami bow on the web,it looked very real so I tried it...VOILA it turned out pretty good. I wanted something special to put this cute bow on, so I searched the internet and I found this charming Heart Shaped box from YouTube. This box was made out of one A4 sheet paper cut into 2 pieces ,one for the lid and one for bottom. After finishing the box I started decorating with handmade flowers (I'm a flower craze)and some rhinestones. My heart box was empty so I need something to fill it. Key and the heart were made from Spellbinders jewel key set. Now there is the KEY TO MY HEART.


  1. Wow wonderful its amazing

  2. Anuja what a beauty you have created. A stunning red and gold creation. I cannot handle origami with ease but here is the link to a swinging heart shaped box I made recently:
    Heart shaped box

    1. Thankyou so much Sonia ....I saw swinging box its awesome!!!